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Vacation in Hawaii

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Do you know what the 50-th U.S. state is? The answer is the loveliest one – Hawaii. The birthplace of the current U.S. president Barack Obama is one of the most beautiful places globally.

Hawaii is the best place for you if you search for pure nature along with modern hotels, restaurants, entertainment. Most people define this island chain as “the paradise on Earth” and they are right.

Vacation in hawaii – its time

Few places save their nature coupled with the implementation of contemporary technologies and services. In Hawaii each tourist could find what he/she searches- calmness within the nature or up-to-date services.

Hawaiians are really kind people. They welcome each tourist with their typical greeting “aloha” and with the amazing garlands of flowers called “leis”. These garlands are usually made of orchids.

The largest island wears the name “Hawaii” and the nickname “the big island”. Getting to Hawaii Island is easier than ever. It is necessary for you to buy plane tickets from the U.S., Canada or Japan and you will arrive directly at the Kona International Airport. This Island is so huge that if you arrive in Kona, explore this part of the island and go to the other side (where Hilo airport is) you will lose at least 2.30 hours.

There are diverse hotels, resorts, hostels or other accommodations. The island offers different services depending on the tourists’ needs. The possible experiences include family vacation, weddings, honeymoons, cultural adventure, etc. You can try diverse sports activities at the Hawaii Island: surfing, diving, beach volleyball, tennis, golf, long walks within the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, etc.

The most exciting Hawaiian experience could be accomplished during the winter, because during this period you may see the snow-capped peaks of the Maunakea- the tallest sea mountain in the world.

The second largest island in Hawaii is Maui. Its nickname is The Valley Isle. There are many attractions as well. The local aquarium is really impressive, because there are many unique species. Tourists usually visit the volcano Haleakala early in the morning or in the late afternoon, because during this time it is possible for them to see breathtaking views. There are incredible waterfalls within the jungle that tourists adore.

The Hawaiian Islands are compared to heaven. Although we do not know what exactly heaven is, we know surely that these islands help people escape from their reality and enjoy the nature and all diverse entertainment.

From the video you will learn everything you need before visiting Hawaii

Dubai – the pearl of the gulf

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The best way to see the real face of Dubai is through the traveler’s eyes. The most difficult part for each tourist is the vacation organization. Selecting the best hotels, buying the most beneficial plane tickets, revising the prices of restaurants, bars, attractions, etc. are really hard tasks. However, it is worth the effort because Dubai is an incredible place that everyone should visit.

Dubai is an important destination, because its fast development proves that there are no limits for human striving. The giant buildings and all opulent restaurants, malls, attractions, were created during the last fifteen years. Before the economic boom Dubai was just a desert area.

After a four-hour flight we arrived in Dubai.

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Our plane tickets were really inexpensive, but the airplane was slightly old. However, our travel was during the night and we had a wonderful morning in Dubai. The transportation from the airport to the hotels was included in the price of hotel rooms. Only fifteen passengers from 180 were headed to our hotel “Arabian night”. I was slightly disappointed of it because there were no other building around us, but the rooms and services were really good.

During our first Dubai night we made a cruise around the city. It was really romantic because Dubai is a well-lit city and the atmosphere is amazing. Also, the city is divided in two parts – the old one and the contemporary one. We sailed around both. There were restaurants on the ship. We chose the restaurant on the second floor because the view was better.

The next day we spent at Abu Dhabi – the capital of the United Arab Emirates. We visited their mall with Egyptian elements and went to the second larger mosque globally. In Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque there is the largest carpet and the heaviest chandelier in the world.

After our visiting of Abu Dhabi, we came back to Dubai and spent the rest of our vacation there. We could not miss to see Burj Al Arab. This hotel really deserves its seven-star recognition. We visited the Dubai Museum, the gold market and other souvenir markets.

Our Dubai vacation was unforgettable. We spent some incredible time in a totally different world. Getting in contact with different cultures and people is priceless. If you hesitate about your next vacation, do not have any doubts that Dubai is a perfect option.

On the video you will see Dubai’s beauty and luxury